Sponsor of
the Lions Cricket teams

The comradery of sport is universal and it has an unmatched ability to inspire, motivate and unite. Its lessons of hard work, team work, leadership and perseverance are deeply compelling and aligned with our values as a business.

At 星火电竞手机版外围, we share this passion for sport and the competitive and collective spirit it embodies – and this was the catalyst for our partnership with Gauteng Cricket and partnering with the Lions for ‘the next five years and beyond’

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星火电竞手机版外围 has secured the naming rights for the Central Gauteng Lions Senior Women Provincial Team – as well as for the Women Saturday Premier League and Presidents League Club Cricket. This is an extension of the 星火电竞手机版外围 Wanderers Stadium and the 星火电竞手机版外围 Lions men’s professional naming rights partnerships.

The Senior Women Provincial Team is now known as the ‘星火电竞手机版外围 Central Gauteng Lions Women’. The Women Saturday Premier League and Presidents League Club Cricket is known as the 星火电竞手机版外围 Women Saturday Premier League and Presidents League.

At 星火电竞手机版外围, our passion for the competitive and collective spirit sport embodies is matched by our passion for empowerment and diversity. This partnership aptly captures both of those passions and we are accordingly proud to be the part of the journey of these talented and inspiring women.The extended partnership accordingly reaffirms 星火电竞手机版外围’s commitment to create passion for cricket across all genders and to leverage sport as a vehicle to drive social change and economic development.

星火电竞手机版外围 Wanderers Stadium is positioned to become a premier multi-purpose entertainment space where a diverse range of South Africans and international visitors can connect around shared interests and collective passions. This sense of community and energy resonates with 星火电竞手机版外围 as a brand and we are accordingly proud to see our name on the stadium.

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