About Us

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all of our residents; to build bridges between different geographies and cultures; to provide leadership to get things done. Our core purpose is to build “community capital”, both financial and human. And with those resources, we seek to advance recreation, education and cultural projects throughout the community.

When municipal and school budgets are financially strapped, all too often we see arts and culture become a secondary priority. On the other hand, we know that properly nurtured recreational, educational and cultural programs can be tremendous economic assets, as well as providing a source of happiness and a sense of community. We know there are many people and organizations working hard to maintain a quality of life that builds community. WE have seen that it takes vision, leadership and money to birth reality from dreams.

Our inaugural project is to assist the completion of Phase I of the Barrier-Free Park, which has been planned by the City of Boynton Beach or many years. We all know what the recent economic downturn has done to government budgets, and the idea of a public-private partnership to further this project helped incubate the birth of the Foundation. We are extremely grateful to the elected and appointed officials who have worked on our behalf, as well as the support we have received from COBWRA and the Greater Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce.

But this is only part of the Foundation’s purpose. We are going to reach into the community, talk with everyone who is part of its fabric, to explore unmet needs, and to garner resources to move forward bringing dreams to reality. Whether our work creates new programs, or helps existing programs grow and thrive, we will work together to build community. We will serve as a convener for our diverse community to find out what others are doing, and to build partnerships for a better tomorrow.

As with all newborns, we are going to need special care to grow. We hope that you will join us, whether it’s by lending us your talents or trusting us with your dollars. Part of our process u=is to ensure that we are a trustworthy partner, and we are committed to conducting our affairs with integrity and transparency.


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